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PO Box 12192

2805B Trent Rd.

14180 NC Hwy 55

5242 US Hwy 70 W

New Bern, NC 28561

New Bern, NC 28562

Bayboro, NC 28515

Morehead City, NC 28557

Fax# (252) 672-8677

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We would like to give a special thanks to all of our sponsors and the support each of you have given us!!

What a child doesn't receive he can seldom later give. -P.D. James, Time to Be in Earnest

Alderson, Donna

Draut, Pat New Bern, NC

Lamm, Williard & Sylvia Appleton, WI

Skinner, Megan

Allison Family Havelock, NC

Falk Family Havelock, NC

Lemons, Kim

Skrotsky, Chris New Bern, NC

Alphagraphics of New Bern

Fernandez, Ayden

Lennop, Vic New Bern, NC

Spalding, Simon

Arrington, Joel Oriental, NC

Florence Bray Bayboro, NC

Lewis, Gordon & Patricia* Oriental, NC

Star, Donna

Autism Society of NC / Heuston Foundation Raleigh, NC

Freeman, Dorothy

Lighthouse Realty Arapahoe, NC

Starbucks New Bern, NC

B.J. Menge New Bern, NC

Gagnon, Brennan

McClung, Teresa Beaufort, NC

Steele, Bebe

Barnes, Shirley Bayboro, NC

Gavin, Myron New Bern, NC

McEwer, Diane

Stemen, Amber

Baylor, Lynn

Gifford, Suzanne New Bern, NC

Memering, Zane

Stratski, Chris

Belk New Bern, NC

Gosnell, Beth New Bern, NC

Mitchell, Judy Alliance, NC

Tamberelli, Angie Winterville, NC

Bennet, Richard & Brianna

Gosnell, Ellsworth New Bern, NC

Network For Good

Target New Bern, NC

Big Lots New Bern, NC

Gustafson, Gladys New Bern, NC

New Bern Woman’s Club New Bern, NC

Taylor, Benny New Bern, NC

Bill’s Pet Shop New Bern, NC

Hale, Kyle

Nobles, Karen Bayboro, NC

The ARC of Craven County New Bern, NC

Bizzell, Brenda New Bern, NC

Hale, Tandy New Bern, NC

Oriental Woman's Club

The Bean Bayboro, NC

Blader, Sidney

Hamilton, Judy

Pamlico Computers New Bern, NC

The County Compass

Bombas Sock Company

Hanson, Ian

Pavlischek, Mary

Townson, John Cape Carteret, NC

Bozak, Nicholas

Happ, Larry & Kelley Lake Geneva, WI

Pavlischek, Sidney

Trent River Coffee New Bern, NC

Brinson, Ramona Arapahoe, NC

Happ, Rick & Nancy New Bern, NC

Piggly Wiggly Grantsboro, NC

Tung, John & Joan Oriental, NC

Canaday, Kenneth

Hardison, Barry

Pina, Sylvia

Tyndall, Mr. & Mrs. Kinston, NC

Candle Weiss New Bern, NC

Hardison, Samantha

Plumlee, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bayboro, NC

Van Ee, Betsy Northville, MI

Chick-fil-A New Bern, NC

Heck, Nancy New Bern, NC

Poore, Lisa Petaluma, CA

Waligora, Scott New Bern, NC

Clinic for Special Children New Bern, NC

Helling, Emily

Portofe, Amy New Bern, NC

Walmart New Bern, NC

Clowers, Katherine

Higginbottom, James & Patricia Oriental, NC

Post, Maureen

Walsh, Patricia New Bern, NC

Coastal Woman's Shelter New Bern, NC

Hoffman, Marcy

RA Jeffreys – Wallace, Bobby

Ward III, P.A., William F. New Bern, NC

Congelton, Jim

Honea, Brianna Chapel Hill, NC

Rivens, Joanne

Warneck, Shelly Stella, NC

Crystal Coast Autism Center

Hucek, David & Betty

Rosenthal, Janet New Bern, NC

Weiss-Riojas, Shari

Dairy Queen New Bern, NC

Jenkins, Amarie

Savage, Ann New Bern, NC

Welsh, Tammy Havelock, NC

DiMartino, Maureen

Jenkins, Katie Newport, NC

Scharf, Mr. & Mrs. New Bern, NC

Wendy's New Bern, NC

Dr. & Mrs. Warren New Bern, NC

Jones, Bob & Laura New Bern, NC

Scrap N’ Oasis New Bern, NC

Zeller, Jeanie Cape Carteret, NC

Dr. Harum, Karen Wilmington, NC

Kirsh, Beth New Bern, NC

Sherman, Vickie

Draut Family Pollocksville, NC

Knights of Columbus New Bern, NC

Shiver. Lisa New Bern, NC